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Great service !

Jim, 09 Apr 2021

great pizza - always fresh and on time

John, 09 Apr 2021


Paul, 20 Mar 2021

Superb keep it up....

David, 13 Mar 2021

Absolutely wonderfully cooked tasty food. Now our weekly treat

Kelly Jenkinson, 12 Mar 2021

Absolutely delicious

Carole, 06 Mar 2021

Excellent service

Hilary, 05 Mar 2021

Excellent service

Hilary, 05 Mar 2021

pizza always better than any of the restaurant takeaway pizzas.

John, 19 Feb 2021

Will quickly put right any errors and no fuss

Jim, 12 Feb 2021

Hi, a number of years ago you used to do a pizza a called the Flaming Chicken. Do you still do the same one? When it changed hands the recipe changed. Thanks

Mike Howarth, 27 Jan 2021

  Reply : Yes it’s the same as before Many thanks

This is the first review I have ever posted for any product but I felt the quality of pizza warrants mention. The pizza these guys make is stunningly tasty - the best I have EVER had and I have lived all the the world. Especially the BBQ chicken. Thanks for the experience Little Italy!!!

Graham, 26 Jan 2021

Ordered through Uber eats and the food arrived on time , extremely fresh pizzas , red hot , very tasty , had the thin base and it was perfect ! . thin and crispy , never ordered from here Before as always use dominos , but thought we would try and it didn’t disappoint . highly recommend this place for great food . looking forward ordering again . Excellent

Lee Parker, 17 Jan 2021

Can’t seem to be able to change my password as I can’t remember it

Lizzie, 05 Jan 2021

I’ve forgotten my password and can’t seem to be able to change it as can’t remember it

Lizzie, 05 Jan 2021

Hi last night I ordered chicken wings and received chicken strips.

Jim, 25 Dec 2020

Very good tasty

Bev, 18 Dec 2020

Very good tonight tasty and excellent loved the shish x

Bev, 18 Dec 2020

Always great

Chris, 04 Dec 2020

This is the best pizza i have ever had! Brilliant takeaway and delivery service. I highly recommend

Jade, 01 Dec 2020

Always great food on time and sometimes with a little surpriese

Ian, 21 Nov 2020

Would never dream of going anywhere else for a pizza!! Always correct order, on time and courteous staff... oh and great

James, 20 Nov 2020

How am I able to use my loyalty points please?

Chelsea, 05 Nov 2020

I have 1600 loyalty points and only 9 days to redeem. That’s only one orders worth, It won’t let me redeem on the order form as it has in the past. The website people said it’s because the restaurant has set the minimum amount of points as being more than I have, which is equivalent to around £16. I called last week, and I think I spoke to Ali who said to contact again if the website couldn’t resolve it. Please can someone contact me ASAP so I can redeem these points before it’s too late. Thanks - Kieran - 12 Blair lan, breightmet BL2 5BH

Kieran, 30 Oct 2020

Pretty standard

Cal, 28 Oct 2020

I’m trying to order using loyalty points, it says i have enough on my profile, (1611) and that I still have 17 days to use them, but it’s not giving me the option to use them at check out... I’ll pay for this order, but please can you let me know how to redeem these points if I can’t on the website? It worked last week. Thanks

Kieran, 22 Oct 2020